Get a better cooling system in your home or business thanks to the professionals at Specialized Heating & Cooling. A more ecologically-friendly option to standard air conditioning or cooling systems evaporative coolers draw in hot outside air and convert it to refreshingly cool air by having it pass over chilled water pads. This method prevents the dispersal of dust or harmful particles throughout the interior environment.

Thanks to our supply and installation of Melbourne’s best evaporative cooling Werribee residents can enjoy an effective, responsive, and low-irritant temperature control system that doesn’t

Bonaire & Braemar Ducted Cooling Systems

In keeping with our commitment to our customers Specialized Heating & Cooling only supply and install the brands of heating and cooling systems that we would have in our own homes. This has seen us seamlessly and promptly install Bonaire and Braemar evaporative cooling in Werribee domestic and commercial environments.

For a complete experience we also offer detailed and regulation-compliant servicing of evaporative coolers at a low price. To find out more about the advantages of cost-effective evaporative cooling Werribee residents can call us on 1300 669 397.