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Nothing beats the flickering warmth of a cosy open fire on a winter’s day. Gas log fires let you enjoy all the ambience and heat of a wood fire, without the mess, hard work and smoke. Plus they are energy efficient so you can spend your hard earned money on more exciting things than energy bills!

Gas Log Fires
Cosy, Atmospheric Focal Point in Any Room:

Gas log fires are a cosy and attractive addition to any room (there’s no need for a chimney). You and your family can sit around the fire, watching tv, chatting and enjoying winter in comfort without worrying about collecting wood or shovelling ash.

Consistent Warmth Without Effort:

Unlike wood fires, your gas log fire will stay warm consistently without having to worry about constantly feeding it with fuel. You can turn it on, settle in and be bathed in comfort without lifting a finger.

Why Choose Gas Log Open Fireplace Experts in Melbourne VIC
Cosy Atmosphere In Any Room Cosy Atmosphere in Any Room

There’s no need for a chimney so you can install a gas log fire in virtually any room. Imagine the cosy warmth of an open fire in your bedroom, living room or even study.

Consistent Heat Consistent Heat

The heat produced by wood fires is difficult to control and high maintenance. When a new log is thrown on, there’s a spike in heat and then before to long it’s cold again. With gas log fires, you can “set and forget” at the ideal temperature.

Clean, Tidy And Low Maintenance Clean, Tidy and Low Maintenance

There’s no need to sweep soot, vacuum twigs from your carpet, chop wood or any of the other nasty jobs associated with an open wood fire.

Save On Running Costs Save on Running Costs

Unlike wood fires, gas log fires are specifically designed to heat your room efficiently without throwing heat up a chimney and wasting your money. Enjoy the comfort knowing that you are helping the environment and your hip pocket.

A Stylish Centrepiece A Stylish Centrepiece for Any Room

Gas log fires come in an exciting range of stylish designs. From modern, slim, elegant units to more traditional fireplace shapes, there’s a design that will match your taste and enrich your home.

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