Cost Effective Split Systems Air Conditioner


If you need a quick and low cost cooling solution for individual rooms, a split system might be for you. Split systems circulate cool, refrigerated air through a single room or open space via a wall-mounted unit and are a great way to get the benefits of refrigerated air conditioning without committing to a full ducted system.

Split System
Split Systems:
Are a Fraction of the Cost of a Ducted Refrigerated System

If you only need to cool one room, split systems can be as little as one tenth the cost of a complete-home ducted refrigerated system. This makes it an ideal solution if you are on a budget.

Provide The Complete Comfort of Refrigerated Air

Split Systems have many of the same perks as more comprehensive refrigerated systems including cold, refrigerated recycled air.

Why Choose Cost Effective Split Systems Air Conditioner
Cold, Crisp, Refrigerated Air Cold, Crisp, Refrigerated Air

As with all refrigerated air conditioning, split systems circulate instant cool air that doesn’t create condensation. The cool air is recycled so that optimum temperature can be reached and you can enjoy your summer indoors.

Wake Up Wake Up and Come Home To Optimum Comfort

Split systems come with a 24 hour programmable timer so you can be sure to have your home the right temperature at the right time. Wake up or come home to absolute comfort.

Control Your Air Conditioning From The Couch Control Your Air Conditioning From the Couch

Split systems have remote controls, meaning you can control the thermostat from the comfort of the couch. Ideal for when you are relaxing on a hot Saturday afternoon!

Save On Running Costs Save on Running Costs

Because split systems are installed in a single room, you only use the cooling that you need. This means you save on running costs.

Save On Purchase Save on Purchase and Installation

Cooling a single area of your home is the cheapest and most effective alternative to complete ducted refrigerated air conditioning. Split systems allow you to do this extremely effectively, meaning you’ll stay cool this summer without breaking the bank.

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