Add-On Cooling for your home and business in Melbourne VIC


Add-on Coolers utilise your existing heating ducts to circulate cool, crisp air throughout your entire house OR just selected zones. This installation approach means you can save a lot in upfront costs and still enjoy the optimum comfort that ducted cooling provides.

Save Up to $2,000 On Installation:

Because you already have ducts installed, you can get all the benefits of a complete ducted refrigerated system and save up to $2,000.

Control Cooling And Heating from a Single Control:

Control Cooling And Heating from a Single Control: Control your climate and zoning from one central control all year round.

Add On Cooling

Note: Not all heating ducts are suitable for Add-on Coolers. If you arrange an in-home cooling consultation, our experts will be able to tell you what’s possible in your home.

Why Choose Add-on Cooling for your home and business in Melbourne VIC
Utilise Your Existing Ducting And Save Utilise Your Existing Ducting and Save

Not all heating ducts are suitable, but if yours fit the criteria, you can enjoy the benefits of ducted cooling for far less money.

Cold Air Without Humidity Cold Air Without Humidity

The refrigeration process dehumidifies the air in your home so you avoid condensation and dampness.

Minimal Aesthetic Disruption Minimal Aesthetic Disruption

Ducted refrigerated systems use subtle outdoor units and interior units that are usually hidden within your roof cavity, so it won’t affect your home’s architecture.

Come Home And Wake Up To A Comfortable Home Come Home and Wake Up to a Comfortable Home

The 24 hour programmable timer allows you to set your air conditioner to turn on or off at predetermined times.

Save Energy With Zoning Save Energy With Zoning

You can select which zones you need to cool at any one time so you never waste energy.

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