Multi Head Split System Air Conditioner


All Year Comfort in Multiple Rooms Without The Need for Ducting

If you want effective heating and cooling for multiple rooms but don’t have the space for in-roof ducting, multi-head split systems could be for you. Multi-heads are very similar to single split systems, but they use a single outdoor unit and multiple indoor units, so you can cool up to five individual rooms.

At Specialized Heating and Cooling we offer a wide range of multi head split systems in Melbourne. Our passionate team will help you find a unit to suit your property and meet your heating or cooling needs. These convenient devices are a cost-effective way to keep your home or office at the perfect temperature all year long.

READ MORE Tired of Playing Hot and Cold in Your Own Home?
We’ve all been there—shivering in one room and sweating in another. But what if we told you there’s a way to kiss those days goodbye? At Specialized Heating and Cooling, we’re not just about air conditioners but about creating cosy, comfortable homes. Meet the multi head split system air conditioner: your home’s new best friend for keeping every room just right, no ducting drama needed.

Multi Head Split System: Your Personal Climate Oasis Awaits

Imagine walking from room to room in your home, each space feeling like it’s been custom-tuned to your comfort level. That’s not a dream; it’s what our multi head split systems are designed to do. One outdoor unit hooks up to multiple indoor buddies, giving you the power to chill or heat up to five rooms individually.

Why Specialized Heating and Cooling Rocks

Here’s the deal: we’re not your average HVAC folks. We’re your neighbours in Melbourne, passionate about making sure your home feels like a haven, not just a place to crash.
Here’s What Makes Us Special:
  • Custom Comfort: Each room gets its vibe with personalised settings. Your home office can be cool and brisk, while your bedroom is a snug retreat.
  • Smart Savings: These systems are kind to your wallet and the planet, trimming down your energy bills while keeping you comfy.
  • Guidance You Can Trust: Our team isn’t about the hard sell. We’re about helping you find the perfect fit for your space and your budget.

Let’s Create Your Comfort Zone Together

Fed up with the temperature tango? It’s time for a change. Specialized Heating and Cooling is here to turn your home into the comfort castle you deserve, with a multi head split system air conditioner that’s just right for you.
Plus, rest assured, we service all areas across Melbourne.

Dial Down the Drama and Up the Comfort—Get in Touch Today!

Are you ready to leave behind the days of temperature tantrums in your home? It’s time to dial down the drama and crank up the comfort with a simple call to Specialized Heating and Cooling. Your perfect home climate isn’t just a dream—it’s a decision away. Together, we can customise your space to ensure every room is a retreat of comfort. Don’t wait for the weather to decide how you feel at home. Reach out today, and let’s transform your living spaces into cosy, personalised havens of comfort and joy.

Elevate your indoor comfort with our Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioner! Experience tailored climate control like never before with Specialized Heating and Cooling.

Request a personalised quote today to transform your home’s atmosphere. Contact us now at 1300 669 397 or visit our website to get started!

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Multi Head Systems:
Allow You to Create a Unique Climate in Each Room

Having a separate, wall-mounted unit in each room means that you can tailor the climate depending on the room’s usage. Each unit has its own remote control and 24-hour programmable timer so it’s easy for you and your family to create optimum comfort for any activity.

Provide Complete Year-round Comfort

Multi-head split systems can be set to provide warmth in winter or crisp, cool air in summer.

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Why Choose Cutting Edge Multi-Head Split Systems
Cool, Crisp Air In Cool, Crisp Air in Summer and Warmth in Winter

In summer multi-heads can be set to circulate instant cool air that doesn’t create condensation OR in winter they can be turned to heating and used to create a cosy indoor environment. The air is recycled so that optimum temperature can be reached faster and you can relax in comfort regardless of the season.

Wake Up And Come Home Wake Up and Come Home To Optimum Comfort

Multi-head split systems come with a 24 hour programmable timer so you can be sure to have your home the right temperature at the right time. Wake up or come home to absolute comfort.

Control Your Air Conditioning From The Couch Control Your Air Conditioning From the Couch or Bed

Multi Head Systems come with remote controls so you can operate each unit from the comfort of the couch, bed or desk.

Save On Running Costs Save on Running Costs

Because individual units are installed in each room, you only use the cooling that you need. This means less running costs.

Save Space Outside Save Space Outside

Regular split systems require a separate outdoor unit for every indoor wall unit. Multi-heads, on the other hand, allow you to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit so you have more space in your backyard.

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