What a great deal on a quality evaporative cooling unit with a service to match? Then head over to your nearest Specialized Heating and cooling showroom today and find out what our qualified team can do to help you beat the heat this summer.

We offer the premier evaporative cooling service in Keilor, with professional installation on residential and commercial properties of all sizes. By drawing air across water, evaporative cooling systems produce air that is hydrated and fresh. It’s almost as if there’s a summer breeze blowing through your home or office.

But we don’t just install your unit and forget about you, we work hard to keep on top of all units we’ve installed to provide maintenance, cleaning or repair services and keep it working at its best.

Click here to contact the Specialized Heating and Cooling team, or visit one of our showrooms to see what a difference our qualified service and air conditioners can make in your property.