If you want natural, clean warmth without fans, noise or blowing air, hydronic underfloor heating could be for you. Hydronic underfloor heating warms water in a central gas boiler and then circulates the warmed water through pipes which are laid in loops embedded in your concrete slab. The result is a clean, radiant and efficient heat that’s safe and comfortable for your whole family.

  • Enjoy Clean Convection Heat to Your Whole Home: Unlike some other heaters, hydronic underfloor heating doesn’t blow dust or mites through your house or dry your skin. The result is very comfortable, clean warmth.
  • Save Money on Energy: Because water is a more efficient carrier of heat than air, hydronic heating can save you considerably on running costs. You can have it on a low setting and still enjoy gentle, comfortable warmth through your entire home.
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Superior Underfloor Heating Service Superior Underfloor Heating Service Superior Underfloor Heating Service

Why Choose Superior Underfloor Heating Service

Superior Underfloor Heating Service

Whole House Comfort and Tranquillity

With underfloor pipes spread throughout your home, you will enjoy soft, gentle and peaceful warmth in every room.

Superior Underfloor Heating Service

Completely Invisible and More Free Space

Unlike hydronic wall panel heating, underfloor heating means you keep your walls free from clutter and have more space to place your furniture.

Superior Underfloor Heating Service

Save on Running Costs

Once Hydronic underfloor heating has warmed your slab, the large thermal mass is slow to cool down and efficient to keep warm. This means you can heat your house to absolute comfort without spending a fortune on power.

Superior Underfloor Heating Service

Avoid dust and allergens

With some air heaters, the first cold night of the year means a house full of dust, sneezing and asthma attacks. With hydronic heating you will only experience clean warmth and comfort.

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Superior Underfloor Heating Service

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