If you’ve ever been at the beach on a stinking-hot day when the cool sea breeze came rolling in, you’ve experienced the power of evaporative cooling. As the name implies, evaporative coolers blow air across water and as the water turns to vapour it cools the air. Evaporative cooling is an effective solution to cool your whole home or just individual sections.

  • Up to 90% cheaper to run than other cooling solutions: Evaporative cooling is far more efficient than using refrigeration to cool the air. This translates into lower running costs for you.
  • Gentle on the skin, nose and throat: The moisture in the air means you wont experience dry skin, a scratchy throat or irritated nose.


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Why Choose High Quality Evaporative Cooling Service

100% Natural, Fresh, Healthy Air

Evaporative cooling uses water and fresh air to cool your home. This means the air is gentle and contains enough moisture so you won’t get dry skin, a sore throat or scratchy nose. It’s also as natural as air conditioning comes.

Replace Warm Stale Air with Fresh Cool Air

Unlike other cooling solution, evaporative cooling completely replaces the air in your home every couple of minutes, clearing your home of stale air and odours.

Lower Cost Solution

Compared to ducted refrigerated systems, Evaporative Cooling is a much lower-cost solution. Units can be as little as 50% of the price and installation is usually less complex and cheaper.

Cheaper to Run

Evaporative cooling uses up to 90% less electricity than refrigerated air conditioning.

Perfect for Harsh, Dry Australian Climates

In dry climates, evaporative cooling provides you with a cool, comfortable home and won’t irritate your skin, eyes, nose or throat.

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