Join homes and offices right across Victoria in enjoying fast, reliable and consistent air conditioning this summer thanks to Specialized Heating and Cooling. With our premier evaporative cooling service Castlemaine residents will be able to make it through scorching days and balmy nights without breaking a sweat.

We supply cost-effective evaporative cooling units and systems to homes and offices. No matter the size of the property or the number of rooms, our qualified team can help you find an affordable unit that will fit your needs. You’ll be able to enjoy an even temperature and perfectly chilled space with a bright, fresh air supply. It’ll feel like a summer breeze is blowing through your property.

So when it comes to evaporative cooling services, Castlemaine property owners know there’s only one name they need to remember: Specialized Heating and Cooling. Click here to find our nearest showroom or to speak to one of your team members.