If you’re looking for a way to keep cool during Victoria’s baking summers while also saving money on your power bill, then Specialized Heating and Cooling have the answer. We’re the go-to name for solutions in evaporative cooling in Albury, delivering the highest-quality products at competitive prices.

Installation and maintenance are straightforward, saving you time and money from unnecessary repairs and giving you more time to enjoy a perfectly cooled room thanks to your new air conditioning unit.

To learn more about how your home or office can benefit from ducted evaporative cooling Albury residents can get in touch with a member of our dedicated team.

We Carry Bonaire & Braemar Ducted Cooling Systems

At Specialized Heating and Cooling we supply only the very best brands for evaporative cooling units. We’re the premier supplier of Bonaire and Braemar evaporative cooling in Albury and across Victoria. These environmentally friendly units can cool down any room, pulling in air from outside and running it across water, before dispersing it into your indoor space. This process also ensures you don’t feel dried out or sluggish, as can happen with many, poorer-quality air conditioning units.

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